Refinery 29

“What To Wear To The Marina’s New Frat-Free Bar”

Boozing in the Marina? Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that appealing to us, either. But there’s a new and relatively frat-free cocktail den in the co-ed-heavy area, and it’s looking to change your mind. Meet Reed & Greenough, the brainchild of Paul Owens (he also owns Tortilla Heights), nestled on Scott Street, just off of Chestnut. Housed in what used to be the cringe-worthy Gravity bar, the space has transformed into a lush, old-school spot, featuring a gleaming copper bar, tufted leather sofas, rich mahogany walls, antique bookcases cast in romantic lighting, and a game area that boasts a 20-foot shuffleboard table, dartboard, and pool table. Add to that the libations, which include 20 beers and wines on tap (and plenty more in bottles), five classic turn-of-the-century cocktails, and four signature in-house versions. Our favorite: the crispy-topped (really, they light it on fire) Pisco Brûlée. Just how should you dress on your first (or second!) Reed & Greenough outing? Take a look at our picks below, and pull together an awesome, atypical Marina outfit.