Daily Candy

“Play Parlor Games at Reed & Greenough: Ladies and Gents Win at Luxe Lounge”

A girl and a guy walk into a bar in the Marina.

Gent: Babe, Reed & Greenough opens tomorrow and has happy hour all. day. long. Sunday to Wednesday.

Lady: Uh-mazing. Did you know it’s named after an old feed store that was just up the street? Apparently this was built from looted wood after the 1906 quake.

G: Good-looking wood. The copper bar’s pretty rad, too.

Lady excuses herself.

L: There are chic antiques everywhere, even in the loo: The walls are plastered with kitschy retro love stories.

G: Classic — like the cocktails. I’ll be pulling tail Draper style — drunk on awesome martinis.

L: Cute. But I feel like a total Betty in here. Plush, upholstered vintage leather couches are so Fifth Avenue lush. And they’re having Rombauer chardonnay nights.

G: Coug juice? Nice. I’ll be taking names in the back room. They’ve got shuffleboard, darts, and two pool tables.

L & G (simultaneously): Game on.